XE TUTA MATA DI CAMBIANO - nata/born: 21.06.2003 – esente da displasia dell’anca “A”



Camp. Ing.

Jebern Classic Black of Aberhill


Londer Black Gorgeous at Aberhill


 Camp. Ing
Brilyn Rum’n’Black

Ch. Jasand Young Winston

Ch. Lantegue Black Magic at Brilyn

 Bigglesmere’s Stage Struck
at Cownbred

Wonderful Dubonnet at Stranorar

Bigglesmere’s Evita



Jebern Chelsea Blue

Camp. Ing.
Kourika Mantika at Troydon

Ch. Troydon Pebbalmyll at Mybern

Mybern’s Blu Misty at Kourika

Braefel Bewitching Gem at Jebern 

Yorvik Saxondon at Braefel

Braefel She’s always a Lady



Kose da Matti di Cambiano

Sorella del Camp. Mond. e Camp. Int. Konzerto Magico di Cambiano


Camp. Rip.

Concerto di Ballo di Cambiano

 Camp. Int. Rip. Vice-Mond
Konzert for Ava di Cambiano

Ch. Mond. MusicMaestrodiCambiano

Ch. Int. AvaGardner di Cambiano

Barlect Bella del Ballo at Cambiano

Sandiacre Stop’n’think

Sangreat Symbol of Love


Camp. Int.

Simply Magic di Cambiano

Camp. Rip.
Amalie Yorkshire Bitter at Cambiano

Ch. Lynway Seldom Sober

Blossoms Black at Amalie

 Love Potion nera di Cambiano

Camp. Light my Fire di Cambiano

Camp. Dangerous Dream di Camb.